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Heaven  Earth  Time

INSIGHTS from 1st & 2nd PETER


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September 18

How was Jesus the Son and second Person of the Triune God, eternal before the foundation of the world, physically born of a woman within Earth’s historical linear timeline, on Tishri 1 in 2 BC?

September 25

1st Peter 1:1-9 Background on Simon, why

Jesus renamed him ‘Petras’, his two epistles, and the apocryphal Gospel of Peter? Our inheritance, the “Proof” of faith, and ‘the Precious’


October 2

1st Peter 1:10-25

Prophets who prophesied, God’s amazing foreknowledge,

Earth time as fading grass


October 9

1st Peter 2:1-12

Living stones in wall of Zion, believers as royal priesthood, Day of Visitation

October 16

1st Peter 2:13-25

Submission to authority and Christ the Shepherd-Guardian of the sheep

October 23

1st Peter 3:1-9

Earthly marriage as a “type” the Church, and Jesus the Groom


October 30

1st Peter 3:10-22

Christ preaching in Sheol, and the Baptism “type” example of Noah


November 6

1st Peter 4:1-19

The End is near.

Time of judgment Suffering as ‘end to sin’ WHY the Gospel preached.


November 13

1st Peter 5:1-14

Elder-overseers serve, not lording over - “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord” - prowling lion, and the Chief Shepherd appears with unfading crown of glory [Rome is 'Babylon']



November 20

2nd Peter 1:1-21

Look ahead to eternal dwelling, remembering the Transfiguration, role of Prophecy not clever tales but God direct to mankind


November 27

2nd Peter 2:1-22

False prophets/False teachers God did not spare angels, or ancient world flooded, or Sodom-Gomorrah. “Types” of Lot and Balaam

December 4

2nd Peter 3:1-18

God’s “Timing”, the harpazo, the Day of the Lord, universe elements will melt, New Earth, New ‘ouranos’ above, God’s patience . . . “just like Paul wrote to you”

December 11

Putting it all together regarding the relationship of Heaven - Earth - Time

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