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Many believe Christmas has always been celebrated on the 25th of December. But how and when did that date originate? What is the evidence for Yom Teruah? There are multiple clues in the Bible and the historical records that all coordinate to a common date that the birth of Jesus was on Tishri 1, September 29th in 2 BC: 

- Caesar Augustus

- Death of Cleopatra

- Birth of John the Baptist

- Death of Herod the Great

- Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi

- Shepherds in the fields

- Until Shiloh Comes

- Israel’s Prophetic Feasts

- Tertullian & Eusebius

- Feast of Blowing Shofars

- Persian-Parthian Magi

- Governor Quirinius 

- Zacharias and Elizabeth 

- Pontius Pilate

- Division of Abijah

- Bethlehem Ephratah

- Hosea and Egypt

- Daniel’s 70 Sevens

- Tiberius Caesar

- Irenaeus & Josephus

- Herod’s Decree

- Numbers 4:3

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