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Christians have been celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday since the 4th Century.  But would it surprise you to learn the Friday crucifixion is based entirely on one misinterpreted Bible verse? Careful review of the full Biblical record does not line up with the traditional Friday, but instead has several strong evidences that Jesus was most likely crucified on Thursday during the second half of Passover. There are several key evidences that coordinate very well to a common date for the crucifixion of Jesus on the Feast of Passover, Thursday April 10th in 32 AD:

- John the Baptist declares Jesus is the Lamb of God 

- Jesus said He’ll be crucified in two days on Passover  

- The Last Supper was not the final meal of Passover 

- John 13 states the Last Supper was “before Passover” 

- Why Judas departed early during the Last Supper 

- Jesus on the cross during Passover “day of preparation” 

- The special “high day” Sabbath after Passover 

- Why did the religious leaders not enter the Praetorium? 

- Peter’s denial of Jesus was on Thursday morning 

- Women could not go to the tomb until Sunday morning 

- Jesus said He would be dead three days & three nights 

- Jesus went to Bethany 6 days prior to the Passover 

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