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An excellent Biblical review of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Common sense, balanced review of

the gifts of the Holy Spirit for believers.

The definitive apologetic for the timeless Biblical truths about the Gospel of salvation.

Incredibly thought-provoking examination of the extra-temporal realm and life after death.

Comprehensive reference covering

every topic about Bible prophecy.

Insightful perspectives on why a loving God would allow pain and suffering.


Comprehensive, insightful, and provocative review of the believer's "Blessed Hope".

Concise Constituional rationale for our Founders' incredible foresight to protect election integrity.

Great overview of essential Biblical truths

teenagers and parents should discuss

before leaving for college-university.

Provocative hypotheses link Old Testament events to cosmic physics of our solar system.

Sound Biblical principles about worship in the church aligned with the gifts and calling of those serving in music ministry. 

Outstanding meticulous details from Daniel-9 mapped by a Victorian-era Scotland Yard investigator.