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The Power of Simplicity has been a blessing to my life at a time that I needed reminding of our inheritance as Christians.  I was inspired by each chapter with so many scripture passages cited, and was motivated to look them up and read in context what God was revealing through His Word. I was encouraged by each chapter and journal section to consider what I read and how to apply it to my own Christian walk.  Dr. Newton has captured God’s clear instructions for our Christian life and church life.   This is a must read for every believer.

Raymond N.


The Power of Simplicity delivers facts and depth of ideas that give clear understanding and perspective to the Scripture and God’s design for His church. This book encourages those seeking to understand Christianity - and those who have followed Jesus most of their lives - that God is accessible to all of us every day. Through scripture Dr. Newton shows God’s blessing for His church and that the fellowship among believers is a spiritual connection to our Heavenly Father.  The thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter helped me to consider a deeper understanding of God’s word. This is a book you will want to refer to and re-read again!

Nancy M.


I found so many wonderful reminders of God’s simple truths from His Word for my own Christian life and the spiritual life I enjoy with my church family.   It was such an easy read through the four chapters that capture the basics of our Christian life, followed by four chapters with the key principles for great church life. If we could all just remember these eight basic truths I know we would all have a more steady walk with God each and every day.  This will be my ready-reference to go back to many times.


Steve R.


Dr. Newton just flat-out nailed it!!! Our daily Christian life really does come down to just four basic things to hold onto.  And the same is true that there are just four simple things to remember that make for great church life among believers.  And these are all backed up with lots and lots of scripture passages that confirm these core basics.  I will go back to this book again whenever I need a clear and practical reminder of what church life and the Christian life are all about.


Jeff T.


I am so glad to have read The Power Of Simplicity.  It is so true that we as Christians do have so much power available to us every day in these very simple precepts for our own life and our church life.  I think everyone at my church should read this and we would all be on the same page about what makes being a Christian and going to church such a blessing.  Thanks Dr. Dave for laying it all out so clearly. 


Mary P.


If there was only book I could recommend to friends and family that covers the basics about what it is to be a Christian and have wonderful church life it would be The Power of Simplicity by Dr. Newton.  And while his eight principles really are simple, be prepared for a very deep Bible study as you go chapter by chapter through all the verses and passages that he covers so well to back them up.  


Richard M.

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