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12-Week Summer Series at Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara


           The Greek word 'apologia' means 'legal defense' and is used by

      Peter in his first letter [chapter 3 - verse 15] when he writes,

            "Always be prepared to give an 'apologia' to everyone who

             asks you for an 'account' [logos] of the hope within you".


       This study covers 15 topics in the form of 20 typical questions

       that a Skeptic asks - and then examines sound, logical, rational,               thoughtful replies from the well-equipped Believer.

       Each week Dr. Newton focuses on key issues within each question             and presents strong evidence for the Christian response, and how             best to interact with those who ask about why we believe.


In Greek 'apologia' is the word for 

a detailed legal defense that

provides evidence for a position

Schedule of Apologetics

June 7            What’s your Worldview? 

                      Why is worldview important to Apologetics?

                       Is there a God?  Any proof that God exists?


June 12          How do you explain the origins of the

                       universe and life? Isn’t evolution proven fact?


June 19          More conversation on origins.

                      What about design?


June 26          What about the Bible?   Is it true/reliable?                               Doesn’t it have errors?


July 6            More about the Bible.


July 10          OFF


July 17          Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

                      How does that differ from relative truth?


July 24          Was there really a Jesus from Nazareth in

                      the 1st Century AD time of Rome?  Was he

                      executed on a cross?  Was he resurrected?


July 31           Is there evil?  Why is there pain, suffering,

                      death? What about morality, reason, logic?


August 7       Can there really be miracles? Don’t miracles

                      violate the basic principles of natural law?


August 14     Is there a supernatural, like life after death?

                      heaven? hell? Satan? angels? demons?


August 21     How can Jesus be the only way to God?

                     What about all the other religions?


August 28    Why would a loving God send someone to

                     hell? What if someone never heard of Jesus?

Parallel Lines
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